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Linkages has produced a number of videos and communication materials to support collaboration in California. All are intended to provide counties with tools that can be easily used or adapted to local needs.


  • The Linkages Challenge (2010)
    An inspirational video about the challenges of collaboration and how two counties work to overcome barriers to better serve children and families
    • Preview (4:00 min.)
      Ideal for short presentations to policymakers, directors and staff

      [mp4] [wmv]
    • Feature (16:00 min.)
      Full version to use in orientations and staff trainings and meetings with community members

      [mp4] [wmv]
  • 2005 Linkages Video
    An informational video about Linkages and the CalWORKs/Child Welfare partnership project (2005).
    [download] [view in new window]

Communication Materials

  • Linkages Key Messages
    Themes to use when promoting Linkages collaboration
  • Linkages Fact Sheet
    A one page overview of the Linkages project in California
    [pdf] [word]
  • Collaboration Checklist
    A checklist of strategies and activities for directors, managers and staff to promote collaboration
    [pdf] [word]
  • Brochure
    A template prochure on Linkages collaboration to be customized by counties
    [pdf] [word]
  • Likages Presentation
  • Tips for Using Communication Materials in Counties
    Short overview for easily adapting communication material for local use
  • Success Stories
    Tips and worksheets for telling county success stories
    [pdf] [word]

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Statewide Linkage Oversight Committee
The purpose of the Statewide Linkage Oversight Committee (SLOC) is to monitor the planning and implementation activities of the project and to oversee the process and outcome evaluation. The SLOC addresses policy issues relevant to the project and planning for ongoing sustainability of Linkages.

CalWORKs Child Abuse/Neglect Prevention Services Screening Field Test
(444 KB PDF file)