Name of Strategy

Court-Based Linkages Liaison


Santa Clara County positions a co-located Linkages Liaison in both Juvenile Court and Dependency Wellness Court. This cross-trained Eligibility Worker engages with families at their initial and review hearings to connect them with benefits as part of their initial case plan. The liaison between Child Welfare and various benefit programs acts as a resource to the case worker, the family and the court.

 At-Risk Families Served

Need Area Met

  • Foster youth emancipating from CWS
  • Non-custodial parent
  • Parents not eligible for CalWORKS
  • Parents eligible for CalWORKS
  • Relative Caregiver
  • Undocumented parent
  • Income
  • Employment
  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Child Care

Written Policies & Procedures