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Coordinated Case Planning (Learning Objectives): This 6-hour training is designed to be delivered as the skills-based follow up to the RCFFP’s Basic Overview curriculum. This training explores team development in the Linkages process and asks workers from CalWORKS and child welfare to look at case planning and assessments and work together to develop an integrated services plan. Developed by the Resource Center for Family Focused Practice to support the pioneer counties.

CalWORKs and Emergency Response (Learning Objectives): This curriculum covers the skills and knowledge staff need when Linkages is being used as a prevention and early intervention program for CalWORKs families at the point of entry into the child welfare system. This half-day training for ER Workers and CalWORKs workers builds skills in case planning and collaborating.

CalWORKs & ER Participant Manual
CalWORKs & ER Trainer’s Guide
CalWORKs & ER PowerPoint

CalWORKs and Family Maintenance: Aimed at cross-over families involved in CalWORKs and Family Maintenance services, this training builds the knowledge and skills necessary to serve the most common target population for Linkages. This is a half-day training designed for an evenly divided group of FM Workers and CalWORKs workers.

CalWORKs & FM Participant Manual
CalWORKs & FM Trainers Guide
CalWORKs & FM PowerPoint

CalWORKs and Family Reunification: This half-day training explores the similarities and differences between FR and CalWORKS roles in working with shared families, building skills in developing case plans that address the mandates and timeframes of both programs. The training designed for an evenly divided group of FM Workers and CalWORKs workers.

CalWORKs & FR Participant Manual
CalWORKs & FR Trainers Guide
CalWORKS & FR PowerPoint