Mission, Values and Goals

The mission of the CFPIC is to advance the development of sound public policy and promote program excellence in county Human Services Agencies through research, education, training and technical assistance.

The Values inherent to this mission are:

  • Collaboration
  • Cultural competency
  • Inclusion
  • Fairness and Equity
  • Networking
  • Partnerships
  • Evidence based approach
  • Focus on whole person—individual, family, community
  • Outcomes orientation
  • Integrated approach
  • “Smart” Funding
  • Safe and stable families living in supportive communities

The following specific goals have been identified to fulfill the mission of the CFPIC:

  • Facilitating research to influence policy
  • Identifying and describing best practices in order to take them to scale
  • Creating communication and training opportunities
  • Providing assessment and strategic change services to counties
  • Establishing linkages with allied interests/disciplines
  • Convening stakeholders
  • Initiating and sustaining dialogues with allied interests/disciplines
  • Training leaders in critical content areas
  • Obtaining resources through social enterprise