2019 PACT Convening Presentations

About PACT Annual Convenings

PACT Annual Convening’s have emerged as opportunities for CSEC Opt-In County Coordinators and their multi-disciplinary partners to dialogue, share learned lessons and brainstorm challenges to improve statewide child trafficking programming. Join us for an opportunity to learn from key experts and collectively define future steps with colleagues and thought leaders across California.

Past Topics

  • Boys are Trafficked Too
  • Expanding Your Work to Address Child Labor Trafficking
  • Innovation in Prevention
  • Parent Empowerment Program Model
  • Disrupt Sex Trafficking - Public Awareness Campaign
  • Harm Reduction Series
  • A Survivor Informed Approach

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Pre-Session Materials

Pre-Session PACT Introduction One-pager

Pre-Session Welcome, Trauma Informed Art


Session Presentations and Handouts

1.1 Boys are Trafficked Too

1.2A Building a Framework of Integration: The PACT Model

1.2B International Rescue Committee

1.3A PROTECT 3 Strands Global Presentation

1.3B Parent Empowerment Program Flyer

1.3B PACT Parent Empowerment Program Presentation

1.3C Disrupt Sex Trafficking: A Campaign by Abolitionist Mom

1.3C Abolitionist Mom Human Trafficking Prevention Education Resource List


2.1 A Guide for Community Based Mental Health Practitioners and Agencies

2.2 CDSS Harm Reduction Series ACIN

2.2 CDSS Harm Reduction Series Presentation

2.3A Child Labor Trafficking Response

2.3A Child Labor Trafficking Info Sheet

2.3B Child Labor Trafficking Response Discussion Guide

2.3C CAST Handout