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Self-Sufficiency Services

The Child and Family Policy Institute of California supports the work of county Self-Sufficiency Services programs that are delivered principally within the Human Services Agencies of each county. Self-Sufficiency Services support families and individual by providing cash assistance and other financial aid, employment-related services (including welfare-to-work services), and an array of additional services that help financially dependent families achieve independence and self-sufficiency.

Under the direction of Richard Speiglman, CFPIC has worked in collaboration with Speiglman Norris Associates, Berkeley Policy Associates, and other partners and stakeholders in the design and implementation of the CalWORKs Child-only Study. While at its onset the vast majority of CalWORKs cases included an aided adult, over half of CalWORKs cases now provide aid just for the children because the adults have been excluded from cash aid and receipt of services. Concern has been expressed about self-sufficiency status of the parents and caregivers in these cases and also about the well-being of the children.