Child Welfare/ Behavioral Health Integrated Services Support

Consultation services are provided to support the work of California counties and the state Departments of Social Services and Health Care Services as they work bridge and integrate the activities of the Child Welfare and Behavioral Health systems at the planning, policy and service levels to implement the settlement of the Katie A. lawsuit and plan for the implementation of the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR; AB 403).

The immediate desired outcomes are improvement in shared understanding and alignment of state and county processes, increased opportunities for integrated training to support desired family-centered and team-driven service planning and delivery, and increased cross-system collaboration. The desired long term outcomes are the improved safety, permanence and well-being of children and families throughout California.

In FY 16-17, special emphasis is focused on San Francisco City and County, as they work with their community-based provider organizations to spread the implementation of their standardized Interagency Services Collaborative (IASC) model for service delivery and pilot improvement projects with some providers as they prepare for the longer-term development of performance based contracts in Child Welfare.